Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Creature - Myrrdrak

This was for's Creature of the Week competition. For COW 131 we were given a sound and were to make a creature based off of that sound, I pictured it as a sort of dinosaur/newt combination with big air glands that expanded when the creature made the noise. I tried coloring this and inking it in more of the style of Arthur Rackham. Also working on a big 20x30 piece for my drawing class, which I posted some of the thumbnails in a previous post, I am doing the first one shown in charcoal, its coming out nicely and when completed I should get some pics up here. I also bought some artist trading cards and I'm thinking of painting some of my gentlemen/steampunk guys on them and selling them for like 5 bucks. Anyway heres the Myrrdrak

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