Saturday, February 14, 2009

Digital Fairy Tale Illustration and Sketches

Been working like a crazy person lately. I've felt pretty inspired by various things. One is this book by Mike Mattesi called Force, and it shows you ways to really make your life drawing crazy dynamic. I picked it up a couple days ago at the library and just from reading it and looking at the pictures my stuff already looks more fluid, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to produce awesome drawings. His blog can be found here. I have also been looking at a lot of Arthur Rackham stuff lately, I keep checking out a book full of his illustrations for Wagner's Ring Cycle from the library, such beautiful stuff in there. I have a new 20x30 piece that needs doing that is going to be in that style. I've been experimenting around with that style in my digital pieces for the past couple days/week. Here are what I've done.

The first is Queen Titania for's Character of the week, just beginning to get a sense of the style and colors and whatnot.

This is for another Character of the Week, Baba Yaga. I started the first one as a sketch in my sketchbook and then expanded it into this.

I couldn't just do one Baba Yaga piece, shes just too much fun to draw, so I got this one which is a little more interesting to the eyeballs.

Below are the thumbnails for the new 20x30 piece. I decided to do a scene from the fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red, because I really liked the story when I read it, plus bears are fun.

And last but not least, the finished 20x30 gentleman piece done entirely in charcoal.

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