Friday, July 16, 2010


Inspired by a couple different people, I decided to try my hand at strange creature design :D.

Been watching a lot of MST3K episodes lately, and they're still as funny as always and Tom and Crow are awesome!


Also got Wind Waker finally, haven't ever owned a Nintendo console up until my brother got a Wii, so I got this because everyones been telling me to, and ITS AWESOME! It still looks so good after 7 years, going for a totally stylized world will mean that it will essentially always look exactly like what it was intended to look like, a problem with "photo-realistic" games.

And going back to doing various mystical/quasi-religious images. Wanted to do more pinups, pyramid people and strange beasts, so why not combine them all?

AAAAAAAAnd my brother Patrick wanted me to draw some adventure time art for him, his instructions were Finn and Jake doin a pound and Ice King, Princess Bubblegum and Rainicorn were in the bg.

And another pyramid lady, this time wanting to do more symbols and something with a bioluminescent creature, inspired by the viperfish.

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Anonymous said...

i c lots of alphonse mucha and i dig it. awesome work, will try to follow the blog. Rly dig the illustrations of women and triangles and your later pixel art.